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NYBO - give a new meaning to apartment living

Ever wondered how life has changed for us? From the separate dwellings of individual houses, we have come a long way to get accustomed to apartment living. Throughout India, this visible shift is being observed, be it small cities or big metros. With this change, the age-old social fabric got ruptured and we are in need of a new social system that helps us to co-exist. Gone are the days when neighbourhood aunties and uncles would be like relatives, taking care of our small needs and playing a big role in emergencies. However, being social animals, we need company, we need to cooperate in social matters and find a platform to enjoy community living. NYBO, the friendly neighbourhood app gives us the right platform to communicate with our neighbours.

Nybo Features

Instant Conversations

Connect and communicate with neighbours in your Apartment through a simple Post or send an Alert or Ask a question


Report the common issues and concerns in your Apartment/Gated Community


Be notified about the important communications from the Apartment management team

Real Time Alerts

Get instant real-time notifications for all the happenings in your Apartment

One to One & Group Chat

Create Groups & Connect with neighbours of similar interests, have discussions, get together for sports, volunteer work or for pursuing hobbies.

Safe Neighbourhoods

Verify and acknowledge your resident who claims to be your neighbour. Build a safe and trusted neighbourhood

Why Nybo

  • Connect and Communicate with your neighbours next door, Down floor, next block
  • Join residents in discussing local issues, activities, alerts or ask a question
  • Contribute to conversations that interest you
  • Stay informed about the happenings in your Apartment

Simple and Easiest way to connect within your neighbourhood


A private neighbourhood app designed just for you and your neighbours where all neighbours are verified.


A community built by you and your neighbours.


A secure environment where all neighbours are verified.

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