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NYBO - the neighbourly India app

Did you shift to a new location and feeling lonely? Do you need help in finding local services like babysitting and pool car facilities? Here is NYBO for you, the neighbourly India app that helps in knowing your neighbourhood. With NYBO, find next-door friends in your neighbours.

NYBO is a free, private social network for your neighbourhood. It helps in connecting with your neighbours and know what's going on in your neighbourhood. Whether you are looking for a plumbing service on an emergency basis or are worried about news of house break-ins, you can depend on NYBO.

NYBO offers a unique platform to connect with your neighbours and get the most from your community. It is a friendly app you need when you relocate to a new part of the town. It not only lets you know who stays next door but also make friends over a few chats and messages in this neighbour-friendly app.

NYBO promises to make your life easy. It promotes safety, security while helping you to find friends in your immediate community. It's all about making friends with your neighbours, communicating meaningfully and contributing to the community in return.

Improve your life with NYBO

Are you looking for an electrician? Is there a medical emergency in the middle of the night? Do you feel like having ice-cream post-dinner? Turn to NYBO. You can depend on it to find all the essential services in your locality. You can also turn to your neighbours for help. With NYBO, you can find the most helpful friends among your neighbours. Turn to them during times of emergency or simply to find like-minded people and create some great friendships over tea and chit-chats.

Create safer neighbourhood with NYBO

Safety is always our prime concern. NYBO can ensure your safety by only having verified neighbours as members. Find the latest information on what is happening in your locality and stay safe. Whether there is any weather forecast or news of break-ins, get the information fast and raise an alarm to help your neighbours too. Avoid danger, stay safe and grow your community.

Know your neighbourhood better

From finding authentic places to try an exotic cuisine to emergency services, NYBO can come handy to know your neighbourhood. Find an exhaustive list of all services and businesses in your neighbourhood and pick the best one for yourself.

Make friends and lead a better life

Do you want to learn French? Are you looking for a group to share your passion for bird-watching? NYBO would help you to find people with similar interests and forge great relationships. Go for morning walks together or take up a pledge to keep your community clean, with NYBO you can lead a better life and also give back to the community.

With NYBO you can also indulge in yoga and wellness. Yes, find out local yoga clubs and boost your wellness and lead a better life.

Are you worrying that your children are getting addicted to electronic devices? Use NYBO to find groups and clubs so that your kids can get engaged in outdoor activities. Give them a taste of outdoors and all the fun from socializing and making good friends.

There are other ways of using NYBO. If you come across counterfeit goods or any online scam, spread awareness through NYBO and alert everyone in your neighbourhood. This way you can help in implementing cyber security.

NYBO uses the latest technology to make living in a neighbourhood safer, easier and a whole lot of fun. Connect to your neighbours from your apartment or locality and find the essential services as well as avenues to enjoy yourself.

Discover a new way of living with NYBO.

NYBO - give a new meaning to apartment living

Ever wondered how life has changed for us? From the separate dwellings of individual houses, we have come a long way to get accustomed to apartment living. Throughout India, this discernible shift is being observed, be it small cities or big metros. With this change, the age-old social fabric got ruptured and we are in need of a new social system that helps us to co-exist. Gone are the days when neighbourhood aunties and uncles would be like relatives, taking care of our small needs and playing a big role in emergencies. However, being social animals, we need company, we need to cooperate in social matters and find a platform to enjoy community living. NYBO, the friendly neighbourhood app gives us the right platform to communicate with our neighbours.

NYBO takes help of existing technology to make apartment living more fun and satisfying. It helps in easy communication and also shares responsibilities to create a loving environment for everyone.

How NYBO enhances the experience of apartment living

The advanced technology used by NYBO makes it so easy to connect with your neighbours from next door, up floor or next block. It helps in sharing information about daily happenings and also get notifications on time. NYBO ensures that alerts and incidents from the apartment management team are shared at the earliest and steps taken after considering the views of everyone concerned.

You can also report any incident or raise issues that appeal to you. NYBO also facilitates creating polls and getting the residents' views regarding important issues.

NYBO ensures complete safety and security

NYBO centralizes the data of each apartment by assigning unique IDs and helps in viewing the details of each apartment for better communication and participation. The safety of the apartment dwellers is ensured by allowing only trusted members to view apartment details and that too after being verified by apartment managers.

NYBO offers a comprehensive platform of communication

NYBO is easy, convenient and fun to use. It offers an integrated platform to communicate. No need of using multiple social media sites to share or keep in touch. Use NYBO for all the social activities like discussions regarding important matters, sharing photos and information on special events etc.

Features like instant notification, pre-drafted messages, and polling make living in an apartment more fulfilling.

NYBO brings back the fun of community living

Enjoy living in a thriving community that offers plenty of opportunities to mingle and enjoy life. NYBO contains features like creating groups for like-minded people to make it easy for you to enjoy your favorite activities. Go for morning walks together or organize cricket tournaments. If you are interested in volunteering, take up a cause and ask others to join you. Whether you are interested in organizing cultural events or sports competitions, NYBO makes it easy for you to share, care, and show your humane side. Share photos, engage in personal chats and get into long-lasting relationships with your neighbours.

Take a breather from your fast life and connect with your neighbours to live a better and fulfilling life. Let NYBO provide the perfect platform to give vent to your social needs and create a loving neighbourhood in your own apartment.

NYBO - promote your business to the right customer base

NYBO is a free private social network that brings people living in the neighbourhood closer. It is meant to connect and communicate with your community and contribute to its growth. Apart from offering opportunities to make long-lasting friendship with your neighbours, NYBO can be used for promoting business also.

NYBO - bridging the gap between local businesses and consumers

Are you into local trading? Do you run a part-time business? Chances are high that you are looking for ways to expand your initiative. Yes, there are plenty of ways to advertise your business. Distributing pamphlets and posters, advertising in local newspapers, using social media like Facebook and WhatsApp groups to promote your products and running ads in YouTube and local TV channels are a few of the ways to reach out to your customer base. However, you must have seen that all these channels need investment in terms of both money and time. Often, the return is negligible when compared to the efforts put in.

NYBO can play a big role in connecting you with your potential customers and helping you to reach your financial targets.

NYBO is a friendly neighbourhood app that lets you advertise your products and services to your immediate neighbourhood and give your entrepreneurship a boost. NYBO offers a dynamic platform for traders and local businesses to come in contact with their consumers and expand their business.

NYBO - easiest way to reach your customers

NYBO allows business owners to set up their trade profile for free. You can list all the services you provide along with photos. Get visible to your local community or the city where you belong. With NYBO, you can post advertisements to let the customers know about the latest offers and products.

NYBO is flexible and allows you to choose relevant categories for your products and services so that you can target your audience in a better way.

NYBO brings businesses closer to the customers within a community and helps in creating long-term relationships.

Whether you are a housewife looking for avenues to market your handicrafts or a plumber searching for more assignments, NYBO can introduce you to the potential customers.

Are you looking for a reliable electrician or a carpenter? Find essential services at your fingertips through NYBO.

NYBO offers advanced search options to find the right service under the relevant category, thereby saving your time and energy.

Grow your business through NYBO, the most trusted and reliable neighbourly app you can depend upon to give your business the boost it requires.

There are many reasons to join NYBO

  • Connect and communicate with those nearby Neighbourhoods
  • Stay informed on local events and incidents and generally what's happening in your community
  • Alert and report suspicious activity, theft, burglary, online fraud and other crimes to make your neighbourhood safer
  • Access nearby businesses and Trustworthy trade people and service providers recommended by others
  • Discuss common issues and concerns amongst your neighbours
  • Receive product and service promotions from local businesses,
  • Reach out for Help in Emergency and Disaster Situations
  • Borrow, Buy, sell, or giveaway household items no longer need
  • Join and participate in local social groups and have your say
  • Support and participate in local community projects and charity events

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