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Frequently asked questions

What Is Nybo?

Nybo is a free private social network for your neighbourhood. It helps people connect with others nearby and get the most out of your community.

Who can join Nybo?

To be simple anyone over 12 years old can join the Nybo network. Nybo has been created for the people in your neighbourhood. The more the merrier …as more people sign up from each neighbourhood this makes the platform purpose fruitful with more information to share and update within the neighbourhood. Nybo allows you to connect and communicate with people in your neighbourhood up to 5km radius from your registered address.

Why should I Join Nybo?

In this technology driven world we are online 24X7 and can stay in touch with friends and family around the globe but rather disconnected from our own neighbours. Here at Nybo we aim to bring neighbours together and form a neighbourhood network.

How much does it cost to join Nybo?

It’s totally free! Nybo is a private social network created for communities, easy to use network designed to help you to connect with people who live in your neighbourhood.

Can I trust the information posted in Nybo?

Yes. Nybo allows a person to be registered only when they provide valid mobile number and also Nybo has a unique feature to tag Neighbours if you know him or her.

Is my Personal Information Safe in Nybo?

At Nybo we understand the importance of privacy, with that in mind we make Nybo a trusted and secure site to share information with neighbours as you would do in real world.

  • Nybo is encrypted by HTTPS and Your account is password protected
  • We will not share your details with any third-party marketers, nor allow your profile to be visible through search engines.

Nybo will never expose or share any of your personal details with anyone, all the information that you give in Nybo is secure and confidential, your neighbours will only see whatever you have allowed in your Privacy Settings.

How can Nybo help make my neighbourhood safer?

  • Report suspicious activity or safety concerns to your neighbours to raise awareness. If there is an immediate emergency always call 100.
  • Start a virtual Neighbourhood Watch group for your locality.
  • Invite your neighbours to join Nybo and start talking about the issues that matter to you.
  • Make sure you and your neighbours are opted in to receive urgent alerts so that you can be alerted to an emergency as soon as it happens.
  • Use Nybo to organize events with your neighbours to get to know one another.
  • Request your local area police to use Nybo. By working directly with the police to share important information, you can help them to help you.

How does Nybo verifies members who they are?

Nybo has a two-step verification:

1. Geo-location tagging: During the registration process user’s location is verified.

2. Tag your Neighbour: All neighbours are peer reviewed.

I am a trader or professional service man. How does it help me?

Nybo provides Nearby Services feature free for every business and trades person. Nybo platform creates the opportunity for local businessman and trades people to build the awareness of there brands in local communities through personalized advertisements.

What is the difference between Nybo and other social media apps?

All other social media apps are designed to frame a connection between the people and world, Nybo is specifically designed to assist people within one neighbourhood meaningfully connect with others in the locality that they otherwise may never have met.

We learn about the things happening around the world through media however we might be missing on stuff happening around us. Nybo has created an enriching platform to bring neighbours together. Nybo believes that development of nation starts from building healthy communities.

I am a house wife and how does Nybo helps me?

Being a housewife, is no simple job. Nybo can assist you in finding that trustworthy tradesperson you have been looking for. Nybo will keep you up to date on happenings in your locality including crime incidents and any fraudulent activities.

I am a retired person. How Nybo helps me?

In today's world no matter how many online connections you may have, the connections that really matter are the meaningful offline chats with real people. Nybo helps you to create relations with other people who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections in your neighbourhood.

Nybo gives you the power to guide the younger generation and pass on your valuable knowledge and experiences.

How do I join into my Neighbourhood app Nybo?

Joining Nybo is quick and simple, can be done in few little steps:

  • Download Nybo App from Google Play store
  • Complete the verification process with your registered mobile number
  • fill in few basic details
  • Start using Nybo and invite your neighbours!!

How do I know that the other person is from neighbourhood?

Once you create an account of yours, you will be shown with a list of neighbours from the same neighbourhood as you mentioned in the registration process. By default you will see Neighbours from 2 kms radius.

How do I immediately respond to any disaster occurred, using Nybo?

For example in an event of flooding caused by heavy rains, Nybo users can post status of a particular road or an area which is most affected by the disaster and creating traffic chaos which will alerts other Nybo members to avoid the area and take precautions on using other modes of transportation.

What is Directories Feature in Nybo?

The directory feature has all the government portals and services listed in one place. The information on this portal will be local to the members city, district and state.

What is the main theme of Nybo?

The main aim of Nybo is to emerge as a user-friendly bias, where everyone can communicate with their neighbours and also can have an eye on the activities going on in their community.

How is Nybo useful to every individual of any age?

Being a member in Nybo keeps you updated with all the information revolving in your community. Anyone regardless of their ages can grab the information which is required for them and also can post their requirement in it by communicating with their neighbours.

  • Get to know your neighbours
  • Create a support network of locals who can look out for each other
  • Exchange important information regarding crime in your area
  • Sell, loan or give away household items you no longer need from a kid's bike to a spare sofa
  • Recommend and discover the best local businesses such as cafes, restaurants, cleaners and tradesmen.
  • Find a trustworthy tutor to help your kids in studies.
  • Meet people in your neighbourhood who also speak your language
  • Organize cultural or sports event in your community
  • Alert your local council to concerns you have regarding your locality
  • Find out what’s happening with roadworks on your street
  • Get involved in local charities or help a neighbour out

How can one resolve their community problems using Nybo?

Nybo has been built for people in the communities, the platform gives you the opportunity to discuss about a range of issues like crime, safety, traffic and transport.

When members of the community come together to address an issue the chances of getting heard by the local organizations like local bodies and municipalities is rather high.

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