Closer Communities begin With Nybo

Nybo guidelines

Our main aim is to provide a secured platform for the neighbours of same community to communicate with each other.

We like to inspire all neighbours to evoke a friendly relation among themselves from the same community, using Nybo platform. For that reason, we have developed a list of community guidelines illustrating how to behave and how not act using Nybo. The central theme of our guidelines are outlined in a straightforward statement as: “Everyone here is from your community. Do respect and protect each other”

We trust you, the people who are using Nybo application, to report anything that which is against these guidelines. Terminating the instructions has effects, which undoubtedly includes removal of content, permanent removal of the person from being the member in Nybo. Not all the people have the same mind of perception, but it should never lead you to violate our commune guidelines even when you do not accept something.

Be considerate, not hindered

The central theme of Nybo is to lay friendlier conversations that happen between neighbours. When conversations go out of limits, everyone in Nybo will suffer. Our guidelines will never allow posts, comments, &replies that tell apart, attack, insults, bullying, shame, or downgrade others.

Be respectful

Nybo aim is to lay a communication bond between you and your neighbours and it allow communications which are respect oriented in a friendly atmosphere. Nybo never allow using abusing words in a conversation, if it happens Nybo removes the content, and blocks the access of person.

Try to add value to the conversations

The way you communicate is the same way you get response, so do remember to make your conversations more lively by adding values to it. Nybo never allow a conversation which is beyond its limits.

Never use Nybo as a megaphone

Nybo is a communication platform for neighbours, which allows its members to explore much more and be well known about every ongoing in their community like never and ever before. Anyways, some causes are pushed very hard, political strive, and all the personal views on arguable issues will surely mislead one among the neighbours. We depend on our members to pin back about those who are over-posting, campaigning and sharing or yelling at controversy’s, & local and non-local issues.

Develop local trade or business in the right path

On Nybo, we support and encourage local trade and cheer up neighbours to share helpful information about their favourite trade and services. We also boost up neighbours to buy, sell, and give things away. Nybo is actively working on solutions for local business and to participate dynamically in their Nybo neighbourhood.

Protect your identity

Nybo understands that protection is the must requirement for everyone. The identity details that you enroll with, will be well protected in Nybo. Here you are just asked to provide your accurate details to protect you and your identity from fraudsters.

Post accurate, concise and useful information

You are responsible about the information you post on Nybo platform, so be careful while you post something. The information you post should be accurate and should have some useful content, where all your neighbours can go through it and feel well informed.

Be honest and transparent about your identity

Nybo is a network ground for you and to the people who live around, in your local community. To that conclusion, giving your precise identity and honestly representing yourself will be a crucial part for being a member in Nybo.

Maintain it pure and confidential

Maintain all the content and family friendly activities to be legal, and cling to our rules about regulated goods and services.

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